Saturday, March 31, 2012

Visiting the CrossFit Tour!

Rich Froning Jr., 2011 Fittest Man on Earth
Nicole & I went down to CrossFit Aledo for the CrossFit Tour & the CrossFit Games Open WOD 12.5! At the workout, we got to meet some of the big names in the CrossFit community! There was the director of training, Dave Castro, whom we can thank for all the awesome, sometimes fun, but always effective workouts, especially when it comes to the Games. We may curse his name in the workouts but love how we feel afterwards (usually). We met the Fittest Man on Earth, Rich Froning Jr. (2011 CrossFit Games Champion), & his training partner, Dan Bailey (2011 CrossFit Games Open Champion), & also Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser!

Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser
It was a pretty amazing experience! We didn't get to stay for the entire thing, but we definitely enjoyed it! When we got to CrossFit Aledo, they had already started doing Open WOD 12.5 for anyone that needed to submit a score for competition. I completed the round of 12s, then got 15 thrusters & 8 chest-to-bar pull ups for a total of 83 reps. This was the same final WOD as last year's Open (11.6), so anyone who competed last year will have some experience & probably see an improvement over last year's score. This was my first time doing it, so it kicked my butt pretty good. Puked twice afterwards!

After the amateurs finished the workout, they cleared the floor & brought out Dave Castro to introduce the pros, Rich Froning Jr. & Dan Bailey to do the WOD. The most interesting part about witnessing them do the WOD was how slow they went as compare to the amateurs. It's the same observation I had when watching them demo Open WOD 12.2. On workouts like this (that take several minutes long), they take their time & pace themselves & simply don't stop moving. However, the amateurs will usually sprint at the beginning & burn out quickly, then end up taking long breaks when they're only half way through the workout. It's just like the tortoise & the hare. Pace yourself & don't stop moving. As your fitness level increases, you'll be able to gradually increase your pace. If I asked you to run a mile, you're not going to start off @ the same pace as if I asked you to sprint just 100 meters. We need to be in that same mentality when we look at a workout that's supposed to take more than 2 minutes. Here's video of Froning & Bailey about half way through the WOD & then finishing the WOD. Froning doesn't seem to change his pace @ all on the thrusters...

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