Monday, September 17, 2012

Open WOD 12.2 tips!

As you guys already know, we're redoing through the 2012 CrossFit Games Open WODs every Monday for the next couple of weeks! We did 12.1 last week & are doing 12.2 today! If you haven't already looked it up, check out the WOD explanation & demo (by Rich Froning Jr. & Dan Bailey) below. Also, here are some good tips from our mobility expert, Dr. Kelly Starrett.
Here are a couple of other tips for today's WOD:
  1. Pace yourself! Just about all of us can bust through the first set of 30 reps @ the light weight without any break or rest, but don't do it! Notice both Rich Froning Jr. & Dan Bailey take forced breaks every 10 reps on the 75#, then every 5 reps on the 135#. You need to save enough gas in the tank for the heavier weights!
  2.  For the lighter weights, keep the shoulders retracted & knees out as you lower each rep to save your shoulders, back, & hips for the heavier loads! As Kelly says, if you allow your shoulders to come forward, you will lose time & energy because of inefficiency (with an unsupported thoracic spine, & it makes the arms longer whereas short arms are desired for this movement to decrease the distance of the arc the bar will travel).
  3. Be aware of the transitions! Use the last 3-5 reps of the lighter weight to work on a deeper squat! The heavier the weight becomes, the lower you will have to squat to catch that weight. Froning & Bailey both start out with the muscle snatch, then move to the power snatch & squat snatch for the heavier weights. However, trying to change your technique on the first rep of the next heaviest load is unlikely to work & will probably be a no-rep. Technique will carry you further in this workout then trying to muscle through it. Focus on good technique with every rep & use them wisely to prep for the heavier loads.
  4. For the heavier weights, make sure you pace yourself & don't waste time & energy on no-reps! If you really need to, it's better to take even a full minute of rest & get a solid rep instead of doing 5 half-reps that don't count for anything!

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