Saturday, October 05, 2013

2 years of Sigma CrossFit

Exactly two years ago, I taught my first CrossFit class that was really mine, where I got to make all the programming & business decisions myself, not as an employee or a manager for someone else's business. It was a tough decision my wife & I had to make to become small business owners, to take such a risk so close to us having our first child, but we went for it...

Exactly two years ago from today, as Sigma Training Group, I was renting space at an Anytime Fitness & had one CrossFit class at 8:30am with one client, Tommy. The WOD that day was back squat, 3-3-3-1-1-1-1-1 reps for load. Tommy lifted 185-205-225 for 3 reps, then 245-265-275(f)-265-265 for 1 rep. A few days later, we did max pull ups & Tommy got 5 reps.

Two years later, as Sigma CrossFit, we have our own dedicated facility with 7 classes per day, & that 8:30am class just recently had 19 people in it this past week! Tommy has been with us the entire time & now has a 3 rep max back squat of 300#, a 1 rep max back squat of 315#, & can do 30 pull ups without dropping down from the pull up bar!

It's been an awesome two years & I wanted to thank all of our Sigma CrossFit athletes for choosing to make a positive change in your lives & for choosing Sigma CrossFit as the place to make it happen. We care immensely about all of you & look forward to seeing your fitness progress just as Tommy's has!

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