Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Saturday Workshops & Training Philosophy

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you in on what's going on with regards to programming & scheduling at Sigma CrossFit!

In case you haven't noticed, we've stepped up the aggressiveness of our programming! Expect to see more WODs with multiple parts! That doesn't mean we'll always be doing that from now on, but having multiple parts means we can get more variety in our workouts during the week, making us more well-rounded! As always, you can always scale back on the intensity or volume, if needed, to adjust the workout to your level of fitness (or soreness)!

Our change in training/programming philosophy stems from the fact that CrossFit was originally intended to increase general fitness for all athletes across all sports. It was meant to be the "core curriculum" for fitness & sports, similar to having a core curriculum of science, math, & English in college that must be completed before you can study a specific major or specialty. The original CrossFit WODs & programming was intended to be done IN ADDITION to an athlete's sport-specific practice. So an athlete could be expected to do CrossFit in the morning for a short WOD, then go to some other practice (such as baseball, football, wrestling, etc) in the afternoon. I have been programming in a style very similar to for the last 2.67 years of Sigma CrossFit. However, since CrossFit has become so popular over the last few years, it has become a sport by itself instead of merely just a supplement to sport. So what do you do when your sport is CrossFit? I believe that implies we can do more volume in our WODs since we're not concerned about being fresh for baseball or football or whatever practice in the afternoon.

With that in mind, we're suspending the Skill of the Month to focus on the more aggressive programming. I am very well aware that many of us have seen AMAZING improvements through our Skill of the Month focus, with many people getting their first pull ups & handstand push ups, as well as significant increases in 1RMs in cleans & squats. However, I sometimes feel that the significant PRs are coming at the expense of proficiency in other skills or movements.

To ensure that we get that extra practice & focus on technique that was so useful when we did the Skill of the Month, we will be adding a weekly Saturday Workshop! The Saturday Workshops will be from 09:15 to about 10:00 or 10:15, during Open Gym. We will still have Open Gym from 09:00 - 11:00. The Saturday Workshops will focus primarily on TECHNIQUE practice. It will not be a WOD or a metcon (but you can still do those on your own as part of Open Gym after the Workshop). Remember, we will be focusing on movements that require technique (instead of simple brute strength), alternating primarily between the Olympic lifts & gymnastics. As of now, this will not be a dedicated Olympic weightlifting class, but that may happen if there is a need for it.

Saturday Workshops start at 09:15. Meaning, you are expected to do your own warm up & mobility BEFORE the Workshop starts so we can get close to a full hour of technique practice to build sufficient muscle memory. Scheduling for the Workshops is set to give us enough time to still do a WOD afterwards that we may have missed during the week. We will try our best to announce the subject of the Saturday Workshops in advance, usually trying to focus on a skill that will be seen in the following week's programming.

Because of the aggressiveness of our programming, some of you may also want to take a day off in the middle of the week, maybe even just temporarily until your body adapts to the increased volume. A recommended template for this would be training on Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. Rest day on Thursday. Training on Friday. Then on Saturday Open Gym, make up the WOD that was missed on Thursday. Rest day on Sunday.

Please continue to give me & the trainers feedback so we can continue to steer Sigma CrossFit in a direction that achieves  our goals of general fitness & is still fun & interesting for all of you! Thank you!

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