Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The first ever Alpha Box is at Sigma CrossFit

The first ever Alpha Box is here at Sigma CrossFit! A vending machine that we'll be able to stock with CrossFit specific items! Our initial stock includes a variety of drinks, including Kill Cliff & protein drinks, Progenex Flow (you'll need a blender bottle to mix it up), various Zone, protein, & nut bars, & even athletic tape! The beauty of a modern vending machine is that it will be able to take cash & credit card (eventually), & will keep track of its own stock & automatically request re-stocking before running out completely. We hope this will be a convenient source of post-WOD recovery & other CrossFit essentials (like tape!) for all of us. Please feel free to give us ANY feedback about the vending machine & the items you want stocked in it!

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