Friday, October 10, 2014

Squatting success & push press strength program!

Seems like we had some pretty awesome success with our squat program! Check out all those PRs! And most of us were still sore from "Karen" when we did those heavy front squats! Seriously, that's just ridiculous how much everyone has gotten stronger... Because we had so much success with our squats, we'll be doing the same program with our push press! Why the push press? Olympic weightlifting coach Glenn Pendlay (works with Team MDUSA) said it best in this T-Nation article that I stumbled across a long time ago. For those of you who are already thinking "TLDR", scroll down to the section "The Best O-Lifts and the Push Press", read from there. The Cliff Notes version is, "Show me a guy who can push press a big weight and he's going to be able to excel at any other pressing movement, even if he's never done it before." The rest of the article outlines some training theory & philosophy that we cover in CrossFit anyway.

To start things off right, we will be focusing specifically on the push press for our next Saturday Workshop (Oct 11)! Don't miss it! As usual, we'll cover proper technique of the push press, as well as skill transfer & carry-over to the jerk, & differences between heavy push presses vs moderate/light push presses that you'll see in a metcon! Don't miss it!

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