Wednesday, September 16, 2015

2015-09-17 WOD

Pause low hang clean 7x2 @80-90% of the last clean rep you hit during test week -- Drop, reset, and perform a perfect clean DL between each rep. Jerk the last rep of each set.

AMRAP 20** Minutes
...500m Row
...10 Burpee Muscle Ups (scale to Burpee Pull Ups or Burpee Jumping Pull Ups)
...20 Push Jerks (135/95#)
...60 Double Unders
Post rounds/reps.

COMPETITORS: Rest day. Do this WOD on Saturday, 2015-09-19:
**If you are doing the Competitors' scaling for this WOD today, it will be an AMRAP in 30 minutes!

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