Sunday, September 20, 2015

2015-09-21 WOD

Find your 1RM Strict Press.
***Take your time warming up for this. Practice engaging all your connective tissue, from head to toe (especially abs, glutes, and quads to stabilize the spine, hips, and knees). You can even grip the floor with your toes like a falcon (or other majestic bird) gripping onto a tree branch. The more rigid and stable you make your body, the more weight you'll be able to strict press! Remember, no lean-back bench pressing. Keep a vertical torso as best as possible, pull your head out of the way, and press the barbell in a straight line up! Even though the strict press is typically the weakest of all the traditional barbell movements, take your time warming up to it and getting psyched up for it like you would a 1RM back squat and you'll surprise yourself! GOOD LUCK!

100 Chest to deck push ups for time.
***We will be using similar standards to HSPU and ring dips. Each rep MUST start at the top, descend until the chest touches the floor (preferably hips and thighs should not), then press immediately back up to the top with elbows fully locked out. "Peel" ups are not push ups, so keep that core engaged so your hips and thighs don't sag. If you find yourself sagging too much, we'd prefer a bench or box push up, with your feet on the ground and your hands on the elevated surface. Same standards though, start at the top, chest touches the bench/box, then push up until elbows are fully locked out.


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  1. Strength WOD:
    Work up to 1RM:
    Strict Press
    My 1RM: 130# (PR by 15#)

    Endurance WOD:
    100 Push-ups for time (30" box incline)
    My time: 10:27