Wednesday, September 23, 2015

2015-09-24 WOD

30 Burpees for time.

Find your 1RM Back Squat.

Find max depth strict HSPU.
(Optional) Find max depth kipping HSPU.
Not max reps, max depth. Post deficits (head hits a target lower than the hands) as negative numbers (-10"), elevated targets (head hits a target higher than the hands) as positive numbers (4"). You must kick up into a full handstand first, lower yourself until your head touches the target, then push up back to a handstand finishing with both heels on the wall, and without your feet touching the ground mid-rep.

COMPETITORS: Rest day. Do this WOD on Saturday, 2015-09-26: If you can't take a rest day, burpees are to a 6" (or higher) target.

1 comment:

  1. Endurance WOD:
    30 Burpees for time
    Post time.
    My time: 1:10

    Strength WOD:
    1 RM Back squat:
    Post weight
    My weight: 275# (PR)

    This is, by far, my most successful day in the box. Depending on whose data you believe, I either bested my 1RM Back Squat by 50# (Ted's data-probably right) or 120# (my data-probably outdated). No one is more surprised than me how quickly I was able to do 30 burpees (1:10). They just came and I took some time to recover but recover I did to post that excellent Back Squat. I hope tomorrow is Deadlift-I might be able to get another PR!