Friday, January 15, 2016

2016-01-16 Skill Workshop & CompWOD

SKILL WORKSHOP for tomorrow is:
The THIRD PULL of Olympic weightlifting.

Want to Snatch and Clean more weight? Then you need to have a solid understanding of the Third Pull! Long overlooked and misunderstood, the Third Pull is the key to getting under the heaviest weight possible and maximizing your lifts. In order to help you understand the importance of the third pull, let’s begin with a quick review:

- The FIRST pull is when you lift the barbell from the platform to just above the knee. It is generally considered nothing more than a setup for the Second Pull.
- The SECOND pull is when you violently extend the hips, knees, and ankles. This is the most important part of the actual LIFTING portion of the movement, since it will ultimately determine how high the bar goes.
- The THIRD pull is quite literally the act of pulling YOURSELF under the bar!

So why is this important? All too often new lifters instinctively focus too much energy pulling UP on the bar in an effort to get it higher, but this isn’t the most efficient way to lift. Repeat after me, "My legs are stronger than my arms!" As such, the most efficient way to lift the bar is to get it just high enough to squat underneath it, that way you do the majority of the lifting with your legs! Unfortunately, you have to be faster than gravity, because the bar wants to fall just as fast as you do.


Here is an incredible video of North Korean lifter Om Yun Chol hitting a 175kg (385lb) Clean at a bodyweight of just 53kg (125lbs!), recorded at 1/50th of real time. What I want you to notice is this:

- It takes a total of 51 seconds (video time) from the time the barbell breaks contact with the ground until he reaches FULL extension. That would be just 1 second in real time.
- It takes just another 12 seconds (video time) for him to pull himself down under the bar. That’s less than a ¼ of a second in real time!!!
- As SOON as he reaches full extension (about 1:11 in the video) he IMMEDIATELY lifts his feet up and starts pulling himself under the bar. Once he reaches this point, there’s no need to keep pulling up on the bar! It’s high enough that he can get under it, so long as he can beat gravity!

If you find yourself struggling with the squat snatch/clean, then this workshop is definitely going to be for you. If you typically power snatch/clean and then "ride down" the squat, then this workshop is for you. Simply improving your understanding of this portion of the movement will lead to much greater confidence and positioning, and significant PRs on both of these lifts. It will also help you to improve your POWER movements by increasing the speed with which you can get under the bar!

Kid's Club is available, but you must email to reserve your spot. See you there!

Remember, Open Gym is from 08:30-11:30. The Skill Workshop is completely optional and will go from about 09:00-10:00.


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