Tuesday, April 12, 2016

2016-04-13 WOD

Hulk Cycle Week 1

Introducing the Bill Starr Progression! There's a great article from Bill Starr in the CrossFit Journal, where he uses this progression to get people awesome at pull ups too! However, since we're doing the Navy Boxing Pull Up Progression too, we're saving the Bill Starr Progression for our gymnastics pushing movements! You'll be seeing this with dips too during our Hulk Cycle!

Hollow Progression:
Accumulate 1:00 each in a Hollow Hold and a Superman Hold. Use multiple sets if necessary.
Post longest HH in scoring. Add other HH sets and all Superman sets in comments.

Bill Starr HSPU Progression
4 Sets of Max Reps:
...Strict HSPU
*The goal is to increase TOTAL reps completed by at LEAST 1 when compared to the last time you did the progression. If you fail to do so in four sets, add one additional set and do just the amount needed to accomplish this. If you cannot do strict HSPU, sub dumbbell strict press using 25% of your 1RM strict press weight in each hand. If you can reach 40+ reps add a deficit or increase DB weight.

3 RFT of:
...400m Run
...30-20-10 Slam Balls (30/20#)
...12-9-6 Bar Muscle Ups
Time cap of 17 minutes. Post time.


Find a 2RM clean (power or squat). Drop between reps.

Strict Press:
...3x3, 2x3+ (80% of daily max)

Dumbbell Work
3 rounds for size:
...15 Dumbbell Bench Press
...15 Dumbbell Flyes
...15 Dumbbell Curls
Post load per movement.

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