Thursday, June 02, 2016

2016-06-02 WOD

Hulk Cycle Week 2

Sigma Strength Protocol: Back Squat
...3x10, build to a daily max
...2x10+ (80% of daily max)
Post daily max, and load/reps of +sets.

2014 Games "Midline March"-ish
3 rounds for time of:
...25 GHD sit-ups
...2x25' handstand walk
...2x25' Overhead Walking Lunge (120/80#)
Time Cap of 12 minutes.


EMOM For 10 Minutes:
...4 UNBROKEN Ring Muscle Ups.
Post total reps.

Bill Starr HSPU Progression
Four Sets of Max Reps:
...Strict HSPU
*The goal is to increase TOTAL reps completed by at LEAST 1 when compared to the last time you did the progression. If you fail to do so in four sets, add one additional set and do just the amount needed to accomplish this. If you cannot do strict HSPU, sub dumbbell strict press using 25% of your 1RM strict press weight in each hand. If you can reach 40+ reps add a deficit or increase DB weight.

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