Tuesday, June 28, 2016

2016-06-29 WOD

Batman Cycle Test Week

The Joker... Quite possibly the most infamous archenemy of The Batman. Earlier Batman stories included nameless thugs, robbers, etc. The Joker was the first recurring villain. He was originally planned to be killed off in his second appearance, but the editor decided against it and overruled the writer's original storyline, forcing them to redraw the last panel in the comic. The Joker has since been a major character in Batman mythology, including shooting and paralyzing Barbara Gordon (Batgirl), killing the second Robin (Jason Todd), killing Commissioner Gordon's wife, and numerous others. He is one of the few characters in comics who's secret identity is so "secret", that nobody knows what his name was before he became The Joker. All of his origin stories never give him a "real name"...

"Speed Rope Test"
For Time:
10 reps each of:
...Single Unders
...Single Leg Single Under (5 per leg)
...High Knees (aka Running in Place)
...Jumping Jacks
...Double Unders
...Triple Unders
Time Cap of 4 Minutes.

"The Joker"
For Time:
...Toes To Bar
...Bar Facing Burpees
...Push Jerk (135/95#)
Time Cap of 13 minutes.


1RM Vertical Jump.

1RM Broad Jump.

1RM Medicine Ball Toss (70/50#)
Take one step and throw the ball from your chest (like a basketball pass). Count the distance from your front foot to where the ball lands (NOT where it rolls to).

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