Tuesday, July 12, 2016

2016-07-13 WOD

Batman Cycle Week 2

Some of you may remember the 1960's Batman TV show with Adam West and Burt Ward. Here's a tribute to the onomatopoeias that helped make Batman famous!

This can also be a reference to Professor Zoom (aka, the Reverse-Flash), who is actually a villain of the Flash and wears a yellow costume. In the Flashpoint storyline, Barry Allen travels back in time and inadvertently changes history, resulting in an alternate timeline where Thomas Wayne becomes Batman because his wife and son were murdered in front of him. In this alternate reality, Zoom is the only person preventing the Flash from going back in time to restore the timeline, but it is Batman (Thomas Wayne) who kills Zoom so that Flash can save the past, present, and future...

Technique Primer:
2 Rounds of:
...3 Scarecrow Cleans
...3 Jerk Balance

Every 2 Minutes for 6 Rounds:
...3 High Hang Cleans + 1 Jerk at 80-90% of your 1RM
Drop and reset each rep. Proper clean deadlift (as though it were a full clean) every time. Full 1 second pause in the high hang before each lift. Post heaviest load.

2 Rounds For Time:
...500/450m C2 Row
...Rest 1 Minute
...1.2/1km Bike
...Rest 1 Minute
...400m Run
...Rest 1 Minute
Post time.


Sigma Strength Protocol: Barbell Row
...3x2, build up to a daily max
...2x2+ (80% of daily max)
Post daily max and load/reps of +sets.

Navy Boxing Pull Up Progression
2 rounds (all strict AND unbroken sets):
...3 Pull Ups
...3 Wide-grip Pull Ups
...3 Narrow-grip Pull Ups
...3 Mixed-grip Pull Ups
...3 Mixed-grip Pull Ups (other way)
...3 Chin Ups
If you complete all rounds and reps, move to the next progression next time: 3 rds x 3 reps (x 6 grips), 3x4, 3x5, 4x5, 5x5, 6x5, 6x6
If you cannot do unassisted strict pull ups yet, use the same band assistance used during Test Week, work up to 3x4, then start again with 2x3 with lighter band assistance.

Dumbbell Work
3 rounds for size:
...10 Dumbbell Bench Press
...10 Dumbbell Flyes
...10 Dumbbell Curls
...Russian Twists (10/side)

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