Monday, August 22, 2016

2016-08-23 WOD

Batman Cycle Week 8

Poison Ivy (Pamela Lillian Isley) is a villain of Batman, created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff, making her first appearance in Batman #181 (June 1966). Poison Ivy is one of Batman's most enduring and powerful enemies, as she is one of the few members of his rogues gallery to display anything close to superpowers. She commonly uses toxins from plants and mind-controlling pheromones for her criminal activities, which have even been powerful enough to control even Superman (in the Hush storyline) and pit him against Batman (even though there was no official "victory", Batman gave Superman a good whoopin' and saved the day).

Every 90 seconds for 10 rounds:
...1 Squat Snatch (75-90% of 1RM)
Post heaviest load.

"Poison Ivy" [RX]
3 RFT of:
...800m Run
...15 Back Squats (145/100#)
Time cap of 18 minutes. Post time.


Sigma Strength Protocol: Overhead Squat
...3x2, build up to a daily max
...2x2+ (80% of daily max)
Post daily max and load/reps of +sets.

"Poison Ivy"" [Comp]
3 RFT of:
...800m Run
...20 Back Squats (165/110#)
Time cap of 18 minutes. Post time.

Eccentric Deficit Snatch Grip Deadlift:
...5x3 reps (80-85% of your snatch 1RM)
Choose a riser from 1/2" - 4" tall. Starting position should be identical to that of the snatch. Deadlift the bar to full extension as though you were snatching it. Lower the bar with a 6 second eccentric descent. Stop just above the ground before explosively standing back up to full extension and performing a high pull. Use lifting straps if grip is a factor.

4 rounds NOT for time of:
...25 Hollow Rocks
...25 Hip Extensions
...30 sec L-sit hold

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