Wednesday, December 13, 2017

2017-12-14 or 2017-12-16 WOD

Classic benchmark WOD tomorrow! Check out these 40-44 Masters athletes from the 2013 Games and see if you can beat any of their scores!

Wonder Woman Cycle Week 1

5 RFT:
...400m Run
...15 Overhead Squat (95/65#)
Record time.


As always, we recommend that Thursdays should be an Active Recovery Day (get out of the gym, go for a swim or a leisurely jog, walk the dogs, or bike ride with the family, etc) or do the Aerobic Threshold workout from, then do these WODs on SATURDAY:

C&J Complex: Clean Pull + Squat Clean + Front Squat + Jerk
...Build to a heavy single of the complex
...3 sets at 90% of heavy single
Record heaviest load.

5 rounds:
...25m Sled Push (95/65#)
...50' Right arm waiter carry, left arm suitcase carry (2x 70/53# KBs)
...50' Left arm waiter carry, right arm suitcase carry (2x 70/53# KBs)

5 RFT:
...400m Run
...15 Overhead Squat (95/65#)
Record time.

Skill - Muscle Ups
...3x5 Ring Thing Muscle Up*
...3x5 Kipping Hip to Rings
...3x Max effort Ring Muscle Up
*Slow and controlled. Focus on positioning through the transition.

...5x 4/4 Bench Press (Regular Grip/Narrow Grip)*
...5x8 Tempo Barbell Curl (3-0-3)**
*Perform 4 reps with a normal grip, then rerack and perform 4 reps with a narrow grip (fingers on start of knurling). This is not intended to be maximal effort, just solid reps.
**3 seconds on the way up, 3 seconds on the way down. Be strict with form to isolate the arms.

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