Wednesday, May 09, 2018

2018-05-10 WOD

Arm day tomorrow! Push and pull supersets, CrossFit style!

Hulk Cycle Week 6

EMOM for 10 rounds:
Odd: 10 Unbroken Pull Ups*
Even: 10 Unbroken Ring Dips*

Rest 2 minutes then...

5 RFT:
...10/8 Calorie Bike
...15 Alternating DB Snatch (50/35#)
*1 burpee (to 6") penalty for each missed rep (cap of 30 burpees). These are performed at the START of the metcon. Choose the hardest progression pull up/dip progression which allows you to get at least 35 total reps of each movement.


[RECOVERY] Aerobic Capacity
...5k Run
Conversational pace.

[RECOVERY] Deload Front Squat
...3x3 (75% of 5RM)

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