Sunday, January 20, 2019

Where's the WOD?

As of Monday, January 21st, 2019 we will be following CompTrain LIVE (instead of at a one week delay). So if you want to see what the workout is in advance so you know what equipment to bring (like your jump rope), or what shoes to wear (Nano vs Metcon), or because you like to cherry-pick your workouts, then there are TWO places that you can check!

1. If you're a Sigma CrossFit member, login to your WODTogether account to see all the workouts there!

2. If you're not a Sigma CrossFit member (yet) or are maybe just in town for a drop-in, then point your browser to CompTrain to see what the workouts are straight from the source! Keep in mind, CompTrain always has REST DAYS programmed for Thursdays, but we will always have our own workouts programmed on those days for anybody that doesn't follow CompTrain's recommended competitors' schedule.

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