Get Started

Step 1: Trial Sessions
If you've never been to Sigma CrossFit before and you live in McKinney or a neighboring town, you're invited to a one week FREE TRIAL! If you are just in town for a few days or weeks and want to work out with us, you are welcome to pay for a drop-in class! Check our Schedule to pick a class time you'd like to join, email us so we know when to expect you (, look up directions to our location, please print and fill out our PAR-Q and Waiver, and show up about 15 minutes early to give it to the trainer. This extra time is your chance to discuss any possible limitations or concerns you have with the trainer and give you a chance to do any extra warm up or stretching you might need to do on your own before class starts. During your trial week, you will have a chance to experience a variety of workouts, our award winning coaching, and our fitness community which makes CrossFit so special! During the trial sessions, you can participate in all the workouts in a scaled manner (less weight, less rounds, and/or less reps; no workouts as Rx'd). **If you need Kids Club during your trial, please mention that when you email us before starting your trial so we can make sure you have a reservation. If you bring a child and do not have a reservation, you might not be able to workout. Reservations must be paid for 24 hours in advance. Please see our schedule for Kids Club availability.

If you are visiting from out of town or have prior CrossFit experience and would like to do the workouts as Rx'd, please print and fill out our PAR-Q and Waiver and bring $20 for your drop-in class ($50 for one full week) and a free T-shirt! (T-shirts are subject to availability)

Step 2: Σlements
Ready to be in the best shape of your life? Next, you'll need to learn proper lifting technique for the basic movements of CrossFit so you can fully participate in the WOD (WorkOut of the Day) and get the most from your workouts while ensuring your safety. If you've trained at another CrossFit affiliate, you can test out of the Σlements, but if you cannot perform all 9 foundational lifts + the snatch with good form, you will be required to take the Σlements course to ensure your safety.

Step 3: Pick Your Training Package
There are many training packages available to fit your schedule and your budget to achieve elite fitness. See our Pricing options for more package details and any specials this month!