Free Trial
$0 (1 week)
Want to try before you buy? Find out how to Get Started with your FREE trial sessions!

$90 (3 sessions)
The Elements is where you learn proper lifting technique to ensure safety and maximum benefit from the workouts. This is a 3 session course that may be done privately or in a small group. The course covers the 9 foundational lifts of CrossFit and gradually introduces the new client to CrossFit style workouts and performance metrics. Completion of the Elements (or equivalent program at another CrossFit affiliate) is required to purchase any of the CrossFit training packages below.

CrossFit Unlimited
$155 monthly + $60 registration fee
This training package allows for unlimited attendance to the regular CrossFit classes and Open Gym times. Monthly auto-pay is required, either with a credit/debit card or checking account ACH draft (ACH draft comes with a free shirt). If you decide to cancel, the registration fee must be paid again.

Active Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Fighter
CrossFit Unlimited Discount
$135 monthly (unlimited group training)
Client must present a current (non-expired) photo identification showing proof of full-time employment as active military, law enforcement, or firefighter. Reserve/voluntary status does not qualify. No activation fees and any payment method is acceptable.

Referral Discount
-$15 off your monthly training dues
For each non-family-add-on referral that becomes a member, you will receive $15 off your monthly membership dues for as long as your referral stays a member! At one point, we even had one member spending just $30 a month for unlimited CrossFit because so many of his friends signed up too! So tag all your friends on Facebook and invite them to do a free trial with us! Not only will you have more friends to workout with, but you'll save some money EVERY month as well!

CrossFit Family Add-On
$120 monthly per add-on
Additional family members can be added at a discounted rate. This offer is only available if the primary client is on the CrossFit Unlimited training package. Additional family members are limited to spouses or dependent children under the age of 18.

CrossFit Part-Time
$120 monthly (2x/week)
This provides a cheaper option for people who are doing CrossFit to supplement a sport-specific physical preparedness program with a general physical preparedness program, such as CrossFit. This is a suitable option for professional athletes who are nearing the end of pre-season training or are in-season, or for athletes that are getting closer to a specific event (such as the two months prior to a marathon).

CrossFit Prepaid Card
$135 (8 sessions, expires in one year)
This training package is for clients that cannot attend classes regularly, e.g. a lot of business travel. Sessions on prepaid cards expire in one year and are non-transferable to other persons.

CrossFit Drop-in Class
$20 per class
$55 per week
$185 per month
This pricing option is intended for experienced CrossFitters who just want to purchase a single drop-in class or a full week or even a full month of drop-in classes and will primarily be utilized by visiting guests that train regularly at other CrossFit affiliates. Includes a FREE Sigma CrossFit T-shirt!

1+ full hour = $80 per session
6+ full hour = $70 per session
12+ full hour = $60 per session
1+ half hour = $45 per session
12+ half hour = $40 per session
24+ half hour = $35 per session
For individuals with particular training needs (sport-specific training) or who do not like to workout in a group environment, personal training is also an option. Athletes who need more personalized instruction and practice in certain skills (such as the Olympic lifts, kipping pull ups, muscle ups, handstand walking, etc.) may benefit greatly from one-on-one personal training either in-place of or in addition to the regular CrossFit classes.

1+ reservations = $4.00 per reservation
12+ reservations = $3.50 per reservation
24+ reservations = $3.00 per reservation
See the Schedule for available Kids Club times. Most classes require one reservation per child per class. So if you bring 2 kids, you will need 2 reservations. Saturday Open Gym and Holiday WODs require 2 reservations per child, since it is a much longer class time (usually 2 hours). So if you bring 2 kids to Saturday Open Gym, you will need 4 reservations. Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Your reservations are deducted at the time the reservation is made, even if you do not bring your child the following day. Children must be supervised at all times and will not be allowed to be left unattended in the Kids Club without adult supervision. Please do not bring your child if you have not made a reservation for the Kids Club.